The Art and Science of Branding and Integrated Marketing

Relate: to narrate or tell, connect, interact.

This is the heart of branding and integrated marketing: uncovering your core story; sharing it in an engaging way to connect emotionally; encouraging interaction; and building relationships for measurable, sustainable success.

There is an art and a science to this process, and Donna Arbogast and her team have years of experience blending both to help clients achieve goals.  Our team members are thought leaders with expertise in healthcare, associations and nonprofits. We can help you:

  • Assess your current brand position and strategy.
  • Uncover your core story.
  • Align position and messaging with your business goals.
  • Identify a marketing direction that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Create a multi-dimensional plan that engages all audiences.
  • Conduct critical-thinking workshops with your team.
  • Build an advocacy campaign that integrates your community’s needs with your organizational objectives.
  • Implement the full plan or any elements of it.
  • Measure your results.

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