Align your story with your strategy

Posted on 25. Sep, 2012 by in Marketing

Marbles in a rowCan you draw a straight line connecting your messages with your goals?

A few simple examples illustrate how easy it is for messages to miss the mark if we don’t keep our eye on the target.

A large health system wanted to build preference for its critical care services. Yet, its community newsletter featured healthy recipes and prevention tips from cover to cover.

Do healthy recipes say intensive care expertise?

A research company that helps clients find those who truly influence buying decisions wanted to convey the value of this knowledge for businesses.  In interviews, they used words like “dynamic,” “empowering” and “sales driven” to describe their unique services. Yet their website featured a pale-green logo, pastel colors and very faint type.

Does pastel say powerful?

An association that provides language education products and services to schools nationwide – all focused on improving communications – found itself tangled up in both “logo mania” and too many meaningless acronyms.

Would you trust a communications consultant whose materials were hard to understand?

A Message Audit can help get you back on track, making sure that what you say leads you to success.

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