Build relationships for market value

Posted on 25. Sep, 2012 by in Marketing

Marbles in a circleDo you know who your customers are, why they choose your services and how committed they are to choosing you again?

We should be able to answer these questions. But often, we forget that “knowing” our customers means more just having a grasp of age, income and zip code. It means understanding what drives their decisions – what makes them smile and moves them to action.

We want them to call, click, share, review or comment about their experience – and to return to our websites, Facebook pages and events to allow us to build the relationship.

It’s not only about satisfaction. It’s about delighting them by exceeding their expectations – turning a one-time customer into a life-time customer.

In health care, this goal is more important than ever, as hospitals and networks become responsible for taking care of people who are sick, but also helping them prevent and manage illness. To do that, we must truly understand who they are and what makes them tick – and how we can work as partners toward everyone’s health.

Customer profile research can help you gather that kind of information, using one-to-one interviews, focus groups, triads and surveys to paint a more dynamic portrait of your target audiences.

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