Create a dynamic marketing ecosystem

Posted on 25. Sep, 2012 by in Marketing, Marketing Plans

Big marble on top of smaller marblesAre you finding that yesterday’s marketing plans are too linear for today’s inter-connected, multi-dimensional world?

Step-by-step plans used to move us up the ladder toward success. We had a goal, we implemented a series of tactics, and we measured our results.  A beginning and an ending. But we don’t live in a linear world anymore.

Today, we need to think about marketing “ecosystems” – creating marketing communities that interact, support one another, and continuously adapt to change.  As a matter of fact, a marketing ecosystem is not just the marketing department. It can be fueled internally by brand champions and social media teams, and externally by your customers, thought leaders and influentials.

We can help you move away from linear marketing plans and toward marketing ecosystems that truly reflect how connected your stakeholders are to your organization’s success.

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